48000m3/h ASU for SINOPEC Hubei Fertilizer Company

Special Design Features:

Cryogenic air separation, low pressure process with internal compression of oxygen product and external compression of nitrogen product, nitrogen expansion booster loaded turbine, packed columns, front-end clean-up by molecular sieve,


Nor.48200 Nm³/h GOX - 4,52 MPa (g)

Nor. 24300 Nm³/h VHPN - 8,20 MPa (g)

Nor.264070 Nm³/h MPN - 3,20 MPa (g)

Nor.14000 Nm³/h MPN - 0,7 MPa (g)

Nor.14500 Nm³/h MPN - 0,46 MPa (g)

Nor. 100 Nm³/h LIN - 0,56 MPa (a)

Nor. 1260 Nm³/h Air - 0,8 MPa (a)