4100 MP-AES Spectrometer (Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry)

Multi-element analysis with fast sequential measurement

    Say goodbye to flammable and expensive gases. Say hello to enhanced productivity. The safer, cost efficient Agilent 4100 MP-AES has higher sensitivity with detection limits down to sub ppb levels, speed that goes beyond flame Atomic Absorption, and eliminates flammable and expensive gases. Best of all, the revolutionary Agilent 4100 MP-AES runs on air.

  • Lowest cost of ownership — the Agilent 4100 MP-AES runs unattended without flammable or expensive gas supply, dramatically reducing your operating costs
  • High-performance — magnetically excited microwave plasma source provides sensitivity, linear dynamic range, detection limits and analysis speed superior to flame AA
  • Ease of use — application-specific software applets plus plug-and-play hardware ensure any user can set up quickly without method development or alignment, and with minimal training
  • Improved laboratory safety — in addition to eliminating flammable and oxidizing gases, the 4100 MP-AES eliminates the need to plumb multiple gases into the laboratory, or manually transport and handle gas cylinders
  • Robust and reliable — ideal for industries such as mining, food and agriculture, chemicals, petrochemicals, and manufacturing, and for remote locations