140 AA and 240 AA

Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Rugged, reliable single- and double-beam AA systems

    For a high level of automation and easy-to-use software—at a mid-range price—the PC-controlled single beam 140 AA and the true double beam 240 AA systems combine rugged and reliable hardware with our acclaimed Windows-based worksheet software. Use multi-tasking capabilities to start a new analysis while simultaneously preparing a report on past results. The 140 AA and 240 AA come standard with the world's leading flame atomization system, the Mark 7 flame atomization system. The Mark 7 spray chamber is simple to use with twist and lock assembly and made from plastic components for durability.


  • Designed for dusty, corrosive environments—completely sealed optics with quartz overcoated mirrors; optional air purge continually cleans the inside of the instrument to exclude corrosive vapors.
  • Fast response background correction—the high intensity deuterium background corrector has a fast 2-ms response time ensuring accurate correction of transient background signals.
  • Easy lamp maintenance—the lamp is immediately accessible for easy adjustment or replacement without needing to remove the instrument covers.
  • Automation to fit the need and budget—Automatic wavelength and slit selection, four fixed-lamp positions for quick, reliable lamp changes, and a next lamp warm-up feature that saves analysis time.
  • Expandable—Analyze mercury and hydrides at trace ppb levels using the continuous flow vapor generation accessory (VGA 77). Add the ETC 60 for unattended, flameless atomization of hydride elements.
  • Upgradable—The 140 AA and 240 AA can be easily upgraded at any time. The manual single-beam 140 AA system upgrades to a fully automated Fast Sequential 240FS AA system.
  • Reduces ownership costs—Rapid troubleshooting and fault diagnosis keep your lab up and running faster. The Telediagnostics option connects to our worldwide network of on-line support personnel.