Automatic Slitting Systems

MSP Modular Slitting Positioning Systems

    The point of any slitting system is to improve efficiency, speed and productivity. Tidland’s Modular Slitting Positioning Systems provide quality slit edges, faster setup times and less dust, resulting in better rolls and high productivity at a cost-efficient price.

    Tidland's MSP is more than just a slitter, it's a methodology that offers an advanced, custom-configured solution using modular pre-engineered components. If you don't need the feature, you don't pay for the feature.

    Because the MSP is a custom, scaleable solution, it is practical for virtually any converting application. Each level builds upon the components of the previous version to provide additional benefits. Every MSP product includes a seasoned Tidland engineer review of the customer specific application with recommendations for improvement.

    There are three basic levels of MSP solutions: Manual MSP Slitter Base System, Semi-Automatic Upgradeable MSP Slitter, and the Fully Automatic MSP Slitter.

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