B Series Magnetic Particle Brakes

   MAGPOWR's B Series Shaft Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes give operators exactly what they want: high-quality, dependable performance with no headaches. The magnetic particle brake is an inherently simple, durable device. They are easy to install, made of rugged cast iron for long life and have minimal moving parts, meaning the brakes can be mounted and start performing immediately.The magnetic particle brake is unique in that it acts like a torque valve, allowing any amount of torque to be passed to the load. Long life, smooth starts, and silent operation make it perfect for cycling and overload applications. The unit is offered in a variety of mounting styles in both clutch and brake configurations.

Key Features

Torque is proportional to current
Torque is independent of speed
Easy control adjustable while running
Torque is repeatable
Self contained with shaft, bores and bearings
Smooth stops and starts
Silent operation

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