Blade Sharpening System

    Introducing the industry’s first Blade Sharpening System. This unit sharpens blades from Tidland’s Performance Series, Series ‘C’ Swing Cartridge or e-Knifeholders in 90 seconds, without removing the blade from the cartridge or sending the blades out to be reground.
Because it’s a Tidland product, the Blade Sharpening System is easy to use. Simply remove the lower knife cartridge from a Knifeholder and place it directly into the Blade Sharpening System. Push a button, wait 60-75 seconds, and you have a freshly sharpened blade. Just one more way we are working to improve your business and your bottom line.

Key Features

Sharpens blades while still on the Tidland blade cartridges
Accepts Tidland Performance Series, Series ‘C’ Swing Cartridge and e-Knifeholder Class II and Class III blade cartridges
Easy push button operation
Safely removes blade shavings
Access to Tidland’s convenient blade re-order service
Produces a freshly sharpened blade in less than 90 seconds

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