Button Shafts

Versatile and affordable, these popular shafts use steel buttons as gripping elements and are constructed of standard steel, alloy steel or aluminum. The Button Shaft delivers weight advantages, durability and full beam strength making it ideal for applications where maximum machine speeds and minimum down-time are required.

The Series 450 Button Shaft is designed for light- to medium-duty in 38 mm to 152 mm (1.5 inch to 6 inch) ID cores. This shaft is best known as an unwind shaft, but it performs equally as well when used in rewind applications.

The Series 480 Button Shaft is designed for medium- to heavy-duty in 178 mm to 610 mm (7 inch to 24 inch) ID cores and over. With its durable construction, this shaft can be used in demanding applications such as reel spools, and in winding operations using heavy or stiff materials.

Key Features

Available in many sizes to accommodate any converting application
Faster, easier shaft handling increases productivity
Trouble-free operation - designed to withstand abuse and abrasion
Button design provides maximum machine speeds, and minimum down-time
Journal can be customized to fit existing equipment

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