CDP-01 Web Guide Controller

    The CDP-01 Web Guide Controller delivers great flexibility in system and control functions. The advanced setup features of this control automatically determine and set guide polarity, guide point, and system gain. Built for demanding web guiding applications, this control also provides the flexibility to add features as needed.

Available for both electromechanical and electrohydraulic operations, the CDP-01 can be configured for line, edge, either edge, or center guiding applications. All Fife standard sensors can be used, whether you need infrared, ultrasonic, visible light, or feeler-palm.

Multidrive versions are available, allowing one web guide control for use with multiple actuators. Also available is the popular dual-loop version for Moving-Sensor Center Guiding systems, featuring both guide and sensor postioner control loops in one housing. The CDP-01 also offers many remote control options and alarm outputs.

Key Features

Advanced controller provides automatic setup features for fast, accurate operation
Switchable 115/220 VAC 50/60 Hz operation
Parallel interface for various functions: 6 inputs (remote controls), 2 outputs (alarms or indicators)
Automatically adjusts to connected Fife motor
Built-in amplifier for transparent web detection with infrared sensors
Automatic Sensor Control - a loss of a sensor signal (i.e. web break, end-of-roll) will automatically switch to manual mode
Electrostatic discharge protection
CE Compliant

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