Tension and Torque Controls

Cygnus Tension Control

    A variety of advanced yet easy-to-use features are apparent immediately to operators using MAGPOWR’s compact, powerful Cygnus® Tension Controls. Operators can easily navigate through advanced tension control functions and codes using on-screen prompts displayed in full text, making the setup process faster. Web tension is maintained or adjusted using multifunction “smart keys,” similar to those used in ATMs, and a large backlit display for easy viewing. Converters and printers can dramatically reduce setup time and improve consistency with powerful features like automatic tuning and out of round roll compensation (previously only possible with a dancer control). Complex tension settings can be input quickly with full text prompts as opposed to more complicated input procedures of the past.

Key Features

Web Break Detection
Out-of-Round Roll Compensation
Bus Communication Capability
Auto Tuning
Weightless Load Cell Calibration
Advanced Load Cell Diagnostics
Gain Scheduling
UL and CE Approved
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Apr 28, 2011, 6:37 PM