DAC-004 Diode Array Camera Sensor

    The DAC-004 digital camera sensor is the ideal solution for a wide range of difficult to sense materials from nonwovens to steel. The camera utilizes a total of 7,450 pixels and up to four edges of material with web width output. Its digital sensing offers high resistance to contamination, dust particles, oil, vapors, and water. It also has the ability to connect via Analog or Digital with fieldbus network connectivity and runs in a variety of applications from armless rewinding, center, edge, and line guiding to web width measurement. Setup is straightforward with PC based software (Virtual PC Scope).

Key Features

Digital 7,450 pixel CCD sensing ignores contrast changes and has high linearity and accuracy
Digital sensing offers high resistance to contamination from dust particles, oil, vapors, smoke, and water
FifeNet allows on-the-fly parameter changes and alarms from the web guide controller
Extremely flexible bandwidth and gap settings

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