Digital Tension Readout

   Is your operation running with the right amount of tension? How do you know? The only way to be sure is with a precise tension readout, and in today’s digital world, MAGPOWR’s DTR Digital Tension Readout is ideal. The easy-to-install DTR provides accurate, easy-to-read digital readouts for the measurement and display of tension in a moving web, strand, wire or narrow tape.The DTR can be used with load cells to measure and display the web tension forces acting on any non-driven idler roll or sheave at any position where the wrap angle of the web does not change. The DTR Amplifies an electric signal from one load cell for a narrow web, or two load cells for a wide web, and displays the measurement tension on the four-digit LED meter.

Key Features

Precision tension meter for direct tension readout 8:1 calibration range
Tare adjustment of 50% sensor rating
Auxiliary 0 to 10 VDC or 0 to -10 VDC output
Operates with either one or two load cells
Easy to install and calibrate
Improved productivity by eliminating operator dependency
Improved quality through repeatable correct machine settings

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