Edge Trim

    Reduce waste and increase productivity with Tidland’s Edge Trim, a self-contained shear slitting unit for continuously moving flexible webs. Blade setup time is virtually eliminated during trim changes by quickly repositioning the knife pair (upper and lower blades) simultaneously, without disturbing the slit geometry to maintain the highest level of trim quality.

The Edge Trim is available in manual or automated configurations.

Key Features

Advanced design allows for trim changes and blade replacement ‘on the fly’, reducing downtime and waste
Built tough for reliable operations in rugged environments
Automatically maintains critical blade-to-anvil relationship, greatly reducing setup time while ensuring trimming accuracy
C-Frame allows trim up to 167.6 mm (6.6 inches), with maximum possible trim of 381 mm (15 inches)
Modular and flexible for a wide range of operations
Compact and rugged control console enables many mounting options
Can be configured to run from PC via stand-alone program or existing Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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