EZ-Wide SE-17 Infrared Sensor

    With a control range of 163 mm (6.4 inches), the SE-17 EZ-Wide Sensor is the widest of our infrared sensors. Its versatile design and proven performance make the EZ-Wide Sensor a popular choice for many applications, often used with nonwoven webs where neck-down is a problem.

In addition to normal edge guiding, a single SE-17 can also be configured for center guiding narrow webs from 12.7 mm (0.5 inch) up to 152.4 mm (6 inches). When used in pairs for center guiding, web width variations of up to 304.8 mm (12 inches) can be accommodated without repositioning the sensors.

Key Features

Widest infrared band for edge or center guiding
Immune to web plane changes and unaffected by ambient light, including sunlight
Compatible with all Fife web guide controllers
Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies to ensure quick and easy installation
Electrostatic discharge protection

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