Follower Arm Sensor Positioners

   The goal in dancer/follower arm applications is to utilize the dancer arm for increased accuracy in tension control, eliminating dependence on an operator and achieve automatic control of the braking torque on the unwind roll — resulting in constant web tension.MAGPOWR’s compact DFP-2 is perfect for use in dancer control applications with the MAGPOWR VERSATEC, and in dancer and follower arm applications with the Spyder, DFC-90 and FAD. It offers the same exceptional sensing performance as the original DFP sensor, but in a lighter duty low cost housing.The DFP-2 also includes a servo-type flexible coupling to allow for misalignment in shaft-to-shaft applications as well as 15 feet of shield cabling for ease of installation.

Key Features

Rugged cast, non-magnetic housing
Water tight construction
Easy to mount

Compact size saves space
High quality potentiometer element provides essentially infinite resolution
360 degree rotation prevents sensor damage

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