Force5 Lightweight Air Chucks

    Feather Light. Intense Grip. Incredibly Durable. Tidland’s Force5 air chuck offers the lightweight alternative to aluminum chucks at the lowest cost in the market. The Force5 can also take abuse in the toughest environments. The specially engineered polymer expanding element is not only designed for high durability in extreme conditions, but retains its shape over time for ease of insertion and removal. The Force5 are the lightest weight air chucks available and have the greatest gripping force with improved gripping during e-stop & high-torque applications. Paired with Tidland’s Ultrashaft carbon fiber air shafts or mandrels, you can safely change rolls from 76 mm (3 inch) to 152 mm (6 inch) ID cores.

Key Features

Lightest weight air chuck available
Delivers maximum gripping force during emergency stops and high-torque applications
Durable polymer expanding element provides long-lasting, reliable operation
Easy core insertion and removal reduces overexertion by operators
Affordable, ergonomic alternative to aluminum chucks

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