Gas purification equipment

THE can produce hydrogen, oxygen and other gas purification equipment, and can also produce high purity gas purification equipment. The equipment manufactured by THE has the following advantages:

1. Advanced flow process
Flow process of using product gas as regeneration gas for producing high purity gas.
Flow process with no feed gas consumption.
Flow process combined the two above mentioned process, with little consumption of feed gas and obtained higher purity product gas.

2. High purity
Through one step purification, the purity can reach to 99.999~99.9999%. Impurity content, like H2/O2 can reach to 1ppm, dew point can reach to lower than -70℃, through two step purification, H2/O2 can reach to 0.1ppm, dew point can reach to lower than -90℃ (0.1ppm).

3.Little consumption of regeneration gas
Compared with the normal consumption of 20%, the consumption of purifier manufactured by THE is only 5~12%.

4.Reliable and safety
All of the valves, important instruments and components are produced by famous manufacturers all over the world.

5. Compact structure, little space occupation.

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