Global Series Clutches

   State-of-the-art magnetic particle technology featuring the latest materials and components, modern manufacturing techniques and a sleek design. MAGPOWR’s Global Series Clutches gives you all that and more.Smooth controllable torque, torque repeatability and torque independent of speed make these clutches suitable for many power transmission and tensioning applications. Long life is assured by polished seal surfaces, high temperature materials and rugged, compact construction.The clutch consists of two rotating members: the inner member is the rotor (output member, mounted on a rotating shaft) and the outer rotating member is the housing assembly (input member, driven by a gear, pulley or sprocket attached to the mounting rabbet provided on the side of the clutch housing). No couplings, mounting feet or other attachments are required, since the clutch becomes an integral part of your machine.

Key Features

Polished, sealed surfaces with rugged construction for longer life
Easy installation
Compact design
High heat dissipation
UL and CE Approved

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