H2 generation unit by methanol reforming

The hydrogen generation technology with methanol decomposition developed by Tianjin mainland hydrogen equipment co., Ltd (THE ) is on the basis of absorbing advanced technics from internal and international, use patent pre-activated catalyst, by this way the flow process is simple and the running cost at the initial stage is lowered.
The user can choice the flow process of PSA or CO2 absorption to generate hydrogen according to required hydrogen purity.
More control anode: pneumatically control mode and computer control mode to realize the automatic control of temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level.
Oil heater is a important equipment of hydrogen generation unit by methanol decomposition, it is used to heat the feedstock and catalyst to the reaction temperature, coal, oil, natural gas can be used as fuel.
Methanol and water are pumped to feedstock tank, there, the are mixed and then are sent, through heat exchanger, vaporizer to reactor. In reactor, methanol is decomposed into H2 and CO2 under the action of catalyst.
The production gas passes through heat-exchanger, it has a heat exchange with feedstock, then into cooler and cleaning tower, the methanol in gas is absorbed by water, then returns to feedstock tank, the gas after cleaning passes through drop catcher and then goes to PSA unit.
In PSA unit, hydrogen is separated with CO, CO2 CH3OH and H2O, to obtain pure hydrogen, released gas is sent to a buffer tank, then as fuel, to oil heater.
The can supply methanol decomposition unit with capacity of 50~1000Nm3/h and H2 purity of 99.9~99.999%.

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