Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd., with more than 1,500 employees, serves customers in technology, energy, petrochemical and industrial markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of products, services and solutions, providing large, medium and small size Air Separation Units as well as the petrochemical equipment Founded in 1950, Hangyang has built leading positions in air separation industry in China, The company is recognized for its innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety and the environment and is listed in the top 500 powerful enterprises in the National Machine & Industry Ministry,China. Hangyang’s products have been supplied to the area all over the country and exported to over 30 countries and regions in the world, in which some products were purchased and accepted by the famous international ASU suppliers, such as MESSER, BOC and PRAXAIR, etc.

Hangyang has the ability to design and manufacture over 40-45 sets of large/medium size ASUs per year,which is equivalent to the total oxygen output of 600,000-700,000m3/h. In 2005, it has produced 41 sets of large size ASUs, in which 17 sets are the ASUs with the capacity of 20000-50000m3/h. The turnover of the main business is 1.73 billion RMB Yuan and the total order amount of ASUs is 2 billion RMB Yuan in 2005. In 2005, the overseas business of ASU products has exceeded 40 million USD which is 17% of total order amounts in the year.


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