ACE’s advanced design allows for superior performance and ease of use at low cost. ACE performs accurate measurement of commonly delivered industrial gases while having printer output capability. The system requires minimal operator involvement. The simple panel design provides for ease of use by the operator and maintenance personnel. Both users will find the prompting messages on the alphanumeric display easy to follow. The advanced compensation method allows for the density of the liquid to be inferred from the actual temperature measurement and pressure default value.
Problem isolation is greatly simplified by ACE’s extensive self-checking functions and replacement of modular components by unskilled workers is possible. ACE has advanced reporting and communication
capabilities. These include provisions for delivery, trip, and maintenance reporting. These reports are available by either serial printing or computer communication.

Outstanding Features
♦ Increased accuracy to ±0.1% by flowmeter linearization.
♦ Factory-programmed to user’s specifications.
♦ Ease of operation with operator help prompts.
♦ Volumetric mode uses programmable temperature, pressure, and density.
♦ Temperature compensation (Optional).
♦ Fault tolerant; upon transducer failure, unit reverts to pre-programmed temperature, pressure, and density.
♦ Maintains and prints calibration records.
♦ Time and date stamping of delivery documents and reports.
♦ Malfunction warning messages.
♦ Password security to prevent unauthorized access to setup and maintenance modes.
♦ Preventive maintenance notification.
♦ Audit trail support.
♦ Ease of maintenance due to extensive self-checking provisions which simplify problem isolation.
♦ 32-character, alphanumeric display.


ACE II, an acronym for Advanced
Cryogenic Electronics, is an improved
system for the measurement and
recording of LIN, LOX, LAR, CO2 and
other cryogenic liquids for truck
deliveries and in-plant applications.

Outstanding Features
♦ Easily upgrades from ACE to ACE II.
♦ Advanced HMI (human machine interface) with 128x68 graphical display and “soft-keys”.
♦ Infrared Communication Interface. (Optional)
♦ Flash memory for field upgrades.
♦ Self-diagnostics.
♦ Detailed, plain language error and help messages.
♦ Four fluid properties table allows to easily switch between fluids.
♦ 12 bit resolution for improved accuracy in temperature & pressure reading.
♦ Multiple flow calculations and compensation methods.
♦ Dual level password security to prevent unauthorized access to setup and maintenance modes.
♦ Audit trail support.
♦ Up to 100 trip report memory.
♦ Windows® based configuration program.
♦ Pump service feature provides message to notify user when preventive maintenance is needed.



The dream of a quick, simple, and reliable field calibration system for cryogenic flowmetering systems has become a reality with the introduction of the Hoffer SY-14B Cryogenic Transfer Standard. When suitably documented by a NIST traceable laboratory, the system offers users a high
accuracy standard of comparison to allow adjustment of bulk transport mounted systems. Maintaining accuracy to the requirements of Handbook 44/OIML was never so easy.

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