IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer

   MAGPOWR’s IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer provides two benefits right out of the box: its single manifold design facilitates its small size, and the unit requires absolutely no calibration, so it’s ready-to-use immediately. Versatile and easy to use, the IPT-E provides superior response, accuracy, and flow characteristics, which are critical in precise tensioning applications. The unit operates on 115/230 VAC, normal dry shop air, and accepts a 4-20 ma control input signal.

Key Features

Superior response for control applications
Compact surface mount design
Ready to use, no calibration required
Operates any pneumatic clutch or brake, regardless of make or size
Accepts 4-20 mADC control input signal
Accurate and repeatable
IP65 protection against dirt and liquids
Optional pressure gauge and air line filter kits are available
UL and CE Approved

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