Lazer*Wide SE-34 Infrared Sensor

    The SE-34 Lazer*Wide Sensor is designed for applications where sensor repositioning due to variations in web materials, variable web widths, and multiple job width changes are required. This innovative sensor provides automatic setup and custom proportional band to accommodate these frequent changes without manually repositioning the sensor.

With a programmable control range of 2.44” (62 mm) to 73.20” (1859 mm), the SE-34 provides a wide sensor field-of view without any moving parts for repositioning, delivering vastly improved system reliability. This sensor can be used with any controller that accepts analog input, and can be connected to a serial bus for more advanced applications.

Key Features

Innovative design allows for automatic setup and custom proportional band without manually repositioning the sensor
Wide, programmable control range for guiding either web edge
Configurable to any web width up to 5080 mm (200 inch)
Ideal for opaque and some nonwoven materials
Unaffected by ambient light, including sunlight
Web width monitoring
Sensing gap 50.8 mm to 304.7 mm (2 to 12 inches)
Maximum continuous field of view; 1.854 m (73 inches), with 30 segments at 62 mm (2.44 inch) per segment
Web centerline and machine centerline calculation and calibration
Compatible with all Fife web guide controllers
Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies ensure quick and easy installation
Electrostatic discharge protection

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