Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

C Series Magnetic Particle Clutch

   Given the scores of variables associated with any web processing operation, the last thing you want to worry about is a clutch. Thanks to the reliability and long life of the MAGPOWR C Series Magnetic Particle Clutch, an operator can mount this component, set it up and forget it. This magnetic particle clutch is cost-effective and provides silent operation, making it ideal for cycling and overload applications.This component features magnetic particles located inside the clutch between the O.D. of the rotor and the I.D. of the drive cylinder. With no current in the coil of this device, the particles are free to lie loosely between the rotor and the drive cylinder. When current is applied to the coil, it sets up a magnetic field in the stator. The magnetic particles line up with the magnetic field and couple the rotor to the drive cylinder. As the current is increased, the magnetic field increases and the coupling (or torque capacity) increases proportionally.

Key Features

Silent operation
Smooth, accurate, repeatable torque
Options for air or water cooling
Cast iron materials for long life
Easy to mount
Cost effective
UL and CE Approved

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