Micro-Adjust Slitter

    Making adjustments on the fly is paramount for an operator looking to reduce downtime, and Tidland’s Micro-Adjust slitting system does that and more, thanks to the ease in which it can make precise adjustments of knifeholder position while the press is running. This slitting system is ideal for printers producing newspaper inserts, trade journals, magazines and most any material that requires precise adjustments of knifeholder position without stopping the press.

    With the Micro-Adjust slitting system, operators use remote-mounted controls to adjust ribbon width, as might be needed to slit on the registration line. Select one or several slitters to reposition and then select the amount of the incremental move. Upper and lower knives are moved simultaneously, maintaining the critical geometry between blades to ensure the highest quality cut.

Key Features

Accurate knife positioning in pre-set increments
Fast, real-time response to operator adjustment
Remote mounted controls for safety
Reduction of rejected product due to registration or ribbon-width errors
Simple to operate

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