Pad Shafts

These affordable shafts deliver unequaled torque capacity for their size and weight.

Pad shafts use molded rubber for the gripping elements and are constructed of standard steel, alloy steel, or a lightweight composite, depending on usage requirements. Best suited for lighter rolls with up to 1800 mm (72 inch) web width, these shafts can be used with fiber, plastic or steel cores. Simple modular construction and standardized components mean quick off-the-shelf spares, service, and easy in-plant maintenance when necessary.

The Series 300 Pad Shaft is designed for light to medium duty in 25 mm (1 inch) to 152 mm (6 inch) ID cores. With superior holding power, and torque capacity at all speeds, these shafts are an economical choice for many converting applications.

Key Features

Pad-style design provides excellent torque capacity for shafts of its size and weight
Available in many sizes to accommodate any converting application
Durable construction designed to withstand abuse and abrasion

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