Pro-Trac 100 Electromechanical Sensor Positioner

    The Pro-Trac 100 is a low-cost, self-contained sensor positioner designed for standard-duty operations. Supplied with remote controller/digital readout, the Pro-Trac 100 is easily adapted to any process line for remote and/or centralized positioning capabilities.

    This positioner uses an extruded aluminum body, providing a maximum overall length of approximately 65” (1651 mm). The Pro-Trac 100 is ideal for any edge guiding or center guiding application. Whether used as a completely self contained unit or added to an existing guide installation, various sensor mounting adaptors make virtually any orientation possible.

Key Features

Low-cost, self-contained positioner ideal for edge or center guiding applications
Display and motor controls are combined in a single unit for easy installation
Adjusts for either side of process line readout
Shows either inches or millimeters; up to 3-digit display
Shows either web width or sensor position
Adaptable to almost any guide installation
Remote Control panel installation up to 50' away
Sensor mounting available for virtually every Fife sensor
Custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements
Sensors, controls, and actuators are selected based on your guiding system requirements

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