Power Amplifiers

   MAGPOWR’s PA-90 and PA-2 Power Amplifiers are designed to provide the extra current required for controlling magnetic particle brakes and clutches in any tension control application. For use with DIGITRAC II, EZ-Trac, or VERSATEC, the PA-90 and PA-2 can be mounted inside the control's enclosure, and receives its control signals directly from the tension control.The PA-90 is used to control 90 VDC brakes and clutches only, while the PA-2 can be used to control either 24 or 90 VDC units. MAGPOWR’s power amplifiers also include reverse current circuitry as a standard feature, thus allowing greater controllability in the lowest torque range of the clutch or brake being operated.

Key Features

Control and size magnetic particle clutch or brake
Output is current-regulated for better system response
Selectable operating current ranges for optimum controllability
Easily mounts inside a VERSATEC enclosure
Reverse current to extend torque range is standard
UL and CE Approved

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