Pro-Trac 200 Electromechanical Sensor Positioner

    The Pro-Trac 200 is a heavy-duty positioner engineered for continuous, reliable operation. Common application uses for the Pro-Trac 200 include chasing systems, moving-sensor center guide systems, web width measurement systems, or simple sensor positioning.

    Adaptable to almost any application, the Pro-Trac 200 features a dust-tight design, with ball bearings in all moving parts for low friction and extended operating life. Optional self-tracking cable carriers eliminate the risk of damaged cables. Available primarily as an electromechanical positioner.

Key Features

Heavy-duty positioner designed for continuous operation
Manual, hydraulic, or motor powered with edge or center guide configurations
Optional self-tracking cable carriers
Virtually maintenance-free, dust-tight design
Ball bearings in all moving parts provide extended operating life
Motor drives available in D.C. servo motor, D.C. motor, or stepping motor, depending on application
Positioner can be mounted in virtually any orientation
Control legends available either in English or international symbols
Sensor mounting available for virtually every Fife sensor
Custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements
Sensors, controls, and actuators are selected based on your guiding system requirements

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