PSA H2 generation unit

        Separate hydrogen gas with other impurities to generate hydrogen from feed gas which containing hydrogen with method of pressure swing adsorption (PSA ). The separation process occurs in adsorption tower, there,the adsorbent adsorbs impurities and at the    same time hydrogen in feed gas passes through the tower to supply    users. When the adsorbent is saturated with impurities,it must be        regenerated. The regenerations is achieved by the method of            changing the pressure of regeneration tower. The advantages of        hydrogen generation technology of PSA: Less investment ,low running cost, high capacity.

The feed gases can be used to generate hydrogen by the way of PSA:

Chemical tail gases, coke oven gas, water gas, cracking gas from oil refinery, other gases containing hydrogen

Technological characteristics:
Purity: H2≥98~99.999%(v/v) 
Work pressure: 0.2~4.0MPa
Control mode: PLC or DCS

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