Fife’s SBPC-21 Protocol Converters deliver comprehensive guiding data using existing network protocol, enable a Fife CDP-01 web guide controller to transmit and receive up to 64 data blocks of guide related information to an existing HMI or PC. Discrete command data such as Automatic, Manual, Servo-Center, Left Jog, Right Jog, and Sensor Selections, and Integer Command data such as Guide Proportional Gain, Guide Set Point, and Encoder functions can also be received by the CDP-01. The CDP-01 will also transmit Discrete and Integer status data such as Web Position, Guide Encoder Position, and numerous System Healthy Alarms.

Key Features

Products Available:
SBPC-21-DN / DeviceNet
SBPC-21-CN / ControlNet
SBPC-21-EN / Modbus/TCP Ethernet
SBPC-21-PB / Profibus
SBPC-21-IB / InterBus
SBPC-21-EN/IP / Ethernet
General Specifications:
Available for ControlNet, DeviceNet, InterBus, Profibus, Ethernet Modbus/TCP & Ethernet/IP
-Transmit data from 500 Kbits/sec to a blazing 10 Mbits/sec.

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