SE-32 High Temperature Fiber Optic Sensor

    The SE-32 Fiber-Optic Sensor is specifically designed for use in high-temperature environments. By utilizing the latest in fiber-optic technology, this sensor can deliver accurate performance in demanding applications such a hot glue nozzle positioning, high-temperature webs, and coatings.

The SE-32 has a control range of 19 mm (0.75 inch) and a standard sensing gap of 83 mm (3.25 inches). In pairs, the sensor can be used to center guide the web. Singularly, it can be used to guide or chase the edge of the web.

Key Features

Utilizes fiber optic technology to transmit and receive infrared light
Unaffected by variations in temperature
Immune to web plane changes and unaffected by ambient light, including sunlight
Compatible with all Fife web guide controllers
Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies to ensure quick and easy installation
Eliminates waste

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