SE-46 Digital Line Guide Sensor

    The SE-46 Digital Line Guide Sensor can improve efficiency in line guiding applications where other sensors suffer from lack of contrast or sufficient space between printed elements. This fast scanning, highly sensitive sensor features a wide spectrum light source to illuminate the web, a wide field of view, and high resolution to ensure reliable detection of existing one-dimensional graphics (i.e. bar codes), eliminating the need to print a separate striker line just for guiding.

Automatic setup of the SE-46 is achieved locally using convenient controls on top of the sensor or remotely using the D-MAX Series Web Guiding System. Simply position the sensor field of view on the chosen element and initate automatic calibration.

Key Features

Capable of detecting line, line edge, and patterns (i.e. bar codes)
Shortest Detectable Feature is 3.7 mm at 600 m/minute (0.15 inch at 1,959 feet/minute)
Clearance between printed elements is reduced to 0.2 mm (.008 inch)
Compatible with the popular D-MAX Series Web Guiding System as well as legacy controllers

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