SE-11 Infrafred

    The SE-11 is the smallest of our infrared sensors. Its compact size and light weight make this sensor ideal for applications where accuracy is required, but space is limited. The SE-11 has a standard sensing gap of 1.0”, a control range of 0.20”, and is available in a 1% temperature compensated version. The optical design of the SE-11 allows for output linear to the web position in the control range, making it virtually unaffected by plane change. When used with CDP- 01 or POLARIS web guide controllers, the SE-11 is capable of guiding clear films with an opacity <10%.

Key Features

Smallest, most compact infrared sensor available
Immune to web plane changes and unaffected by ambient light, including sunlight
Modulated infrared light will not affect photosensitive paper/film
Compatible with all Fife web guide controllers
Standard sensing gap of 25.4 mm (1 inch) with a control range of 5 mm (0.20 inch)
Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies ensure quick and easy installation
Electrostatic discharge protection

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