Cryogenic Liquid Cluster Tanks

  • Vertical type

Use And Feature:

Much of them are stored with pressure by pearlite thermal-insulation. Single set is made up of one outer tank, several inner tanks and inside thermal-insulation material. Have the characters of good thermal-insulation, large storage, store with pressure and etc.
  • There are 3-12 inner tanks inside the LNG Cluster Tank, each one is in vertical column structure, and the bottom is supported by skirt or leg type Capacity of single inner tank is 100-250m3 Material of the main body is stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9, which is allocated in parallel..
  • The storage tank has superior spot pressure and liquid level indicating system, moreover, long-distance transmitting to the center control room to observe and monitor the storage tank in long distance.
  • Storage tank is equipped with pipes respectively for liquid inlet both from top and bottom, and the bottom one is attached with ring spraying device so as to cool the inner tank uniformity to prevent from too much temperature difference.
  • Automatically discharging system controlling pressure is set in inner tank.
  • Gas phase and liquid phase sampling valve can be applicable to analyze purity of liquid.
  • Inner tank is equipped with two safety valves along with three-way valve, which ensure safe operation and inspection.
  • Pressure vacuum rent valve and anti-explosion device are provided in outer tank.
  • Interlayer is filled with dry nitrogen, which is controlled by self-actuated regulating valve so as to keep balance of pressure.
  • Special gas-sealing compensator is provided in liquid discharging pipeline, which is led out from underside of end plate and discharges liquid completely.
  • Thermal-insulating mode: double-layer powder accumulation insulation
  • Valid capacity: 300m3-3000m3
  • Working pressure: 0.2MPa-1.6MPa
  • Medium: LOX, LIN, LAr, LNG and etc.

Application Regional:

  • Global

Application Fields:

  • Logistics