SOFSTEP® Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

   Torque is the power behind tension control, but it’s useless if there’s no regulation or guidance. The original SOFSTEP brakes with MAGPOWR controls are popular throughout the industry because of the smooth controllable torque they provide for power transmission and tension applications. As the original SOFSTEP provider, MAGPOWR offers these brakes in a variety of sizes with torque ratings from 2-240 lb-in.Utilizing the SOFSTEP brakes and clutches, you’ll have exceptional control as torque is independent of slip speed and directly proportional to input current. These controls prevent shock and torque spikes during engagement, giving you controlled acceleration of every load.

Key Features

No maintenance - nothing to monitor or adjust
Quiet operation - no slap or squeaks
Energy efficient
Adaptable (mounted horizontally or vertically)
Compact design
High heat dissipation
Fast response (no mechanical parts to move, engagement happens in milliseconds)
Totally enclosed housing- no wear particles to contaminate environment

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