SP-2317, SP-2633 Pneumatic Sensors

    Ruggedly built for the most physically demanding applications, these sensors are used to accurately guide most types of materials, especially opaque webs and clear films. The two sensors are basically the same, differing only in overall height and sensing gap. The SP-2317 has a sensing gap of 2.25” (57 mm), the widest of any standard Fife pneumatic sensor, while the SP-2633 has a sensing gap of 1.0” (25 mm).

These sensors are designed for use with Fife pneumohydraulic power units and control systems. Standard sensor bodies are black anodized aluminum, with optional corrosion-resistant assemblies available. Both sensors are intrinsically safe, capable of reliable operation in hazardous areas where combustible gases are present.

Key Features

Larger, more rugged sensors used for guiding all varieties of webs, especially opaque and clear films
Non corrosive body construction for long-lasting, reliable performance
Intrinsically safe; usable in hazardous areas where combustible gases are present
Durable and clog-resistant
Flexible mounting and positioning assemblies ensure quick and easy installation

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