T30 Column cell

Series T30LA Load Cell

An alloy steel, zinc plated, compression load cell with integral lift off prevention.

The load cell assembly is ideal for general commercial weighing of tanks, silos and vessels. The design ensures optimum performance and removes most of the traditional problems encountered by engineers installing high capacity weighing systems. Supplied as a complete locked assembly ready to install.

The special mounting plates readily accommodate misalignment and movement due to thermal expansion and contraction. The integral lift off protection can withstand forces up to 20% of load cell capacity making the unit ideal for exposed installations subject to strong winds.

Series T30LA load cells feature :
High accuracy
‘Auto-phoretic’ toughened surface (assembly only)
Construction sealed to IP67
Alloy steel load sensor
Integral lift off prevention
Compensation for steelwork misalignment
Waterproof cable connector
Simple low cost installation
Self-aligning weighing assembly
5 year warranty

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