T93 Folded Shear beam

Series T93 shear beam Load Cell

This unique folded shear beam load cell is manufactured from high strength stainless steel and is sealed and fully welded for use in corrosive environments and washdown areas.

Inherent in the design is resistance to side loading, as well as the additional benefits of a symmetrical bending moment and insensitivity to shifts in the load point. Maximum safety protection is given against lift-off by high wind or collision forces.

T93 load cells are designed for silo, hopper, tank and vessel, as well as platform weighing, and are very simple to install.

A comprehensive range of capacities is available in two body sizes : from 500kg to 30,000kg.

The load cell and loading assembly are a fit-for-fit replacement for the now discontinued T90 & T92 load cell ranges.

Series T93 load cells feature :
5 year warranty
Unique folded shear beam design
Fully welded construction sealed to IP 68
Stainless steel load sensor
Single point top loading allows for angular misalignment
Optional stainless steel loading assembly
Integral lift off prevention
Auto-phoretic toughened surface (loading assembly only)
Built-in thermal expansion capability
Simple low cost installation

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