Thin Slit 19 mm Knifeholder

    Tidland’s Thin Slit knifeholder provides a minimum slit width of only 19 mm (0.75 inch), while delivering high slit quality and extended blade life. A 180° reversible blade cartridge allows you to use both sides of the lower anvil knife ring, extending blade life and reducing operating costs. The Thin Slit knifeholder is quickly and precisely aligned with the lower blade using
a reference finger. The blade cartridge is easily changed without tools, while the knifeholder is still on the machine. The knifeholder remains in position during the cartridge change, significantly reducing downtime. Durable construction and robust materials ensure operation in harsh industrial environments.

Key Features

Robust double-rod construction to withstand harsh environments
Integrated Reference finger for precise blade position setting
Uses 180° reversible blade cartridge, allowing use of both sides of the anvil ring, extending blade life
No tools required for blade cartridge removal
Fully compatible with Tidland Class I knifeholders and dovetail guide bar
360° mechanical blade guard available for additional safety

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