Tianjin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment Company Ltd. (THE) is a high-tech enterprise established in 1994, based in Tianjin, the second largest industrial city in China. THE is a professional manufacturer of hydrogen generator and gas purification equipment in China, it has a powerful technological team including the most famous experts in the field of hydrogen generation by water electrolysis and gas purification. The technology of water electrolysis and gas purification of THE has reached to the international advanced level.

THE considers the technology as the base of company and always puts the technology at the top position and applies itself to the development of new technology, the research and application of new materials to ensure its leading position in the field of water electrolysis and gas purification. In 2002, THE obtained the innovation fund distributed by The Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.C and The Ministry of Finance of P.R.C for supporting the development of new technology. Now the new developed electrode technology by THE has been used on its hydrogen generators.