TruWide SE-45 Ultrasonic Sensor

    Demanding materials, multiple webs and web width variation are easy to control when you have the right sensor for the job. For years, Fife has delivered a complete family of durable, reliable sensors to maintain web alignment when you need it most. New TruWide sensor technology gives you an expanded view of the web and the ability to run opaque or clear materials. It accommodates center or edge guiding with proportional band widths ranging from 2.6” (66 mm) to 20.28” (515 mm) and 16-bit resolution for more accuracy than ever before. Choose analog for stand-alone monitoring or digital operation for multiple edge and web width detection capability. And because it’s a Fife, you know it’ll be there for the long haul.

Key Features

Either-edge and web width detection in analog mode
Multiple web and web width detection in digital (ethernet) mode
Highest accuracy - 16 bit resolution, standard or high resolutions modes available
Efficient maintenance - transducers can be replaced independently
Measure distance between lanes in multi-web applications

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