TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells

   Ruggedly constructed to stand up to mill duty and with built-in mechanical overload stops in both force directions, MAGPOWR’s TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells can be bolted under your present roll support bearings and they will accurately measure the tension forces on the machine sensing the roll created by the web. It can display and control the web tension through MAGPOWR tension readouts and controls.The TSU is best used with two load cells, one under each pillow block bearing that supports the sensing roll, which then will accurately measure the total force on the entire roll created by tension in the web, and the readout will be precisely displayed no matter what the position of the web.

Key Features

Rugged industrial construction
Positive overload stops in both compression and tension modes of operation
Four foil strain gauges in a full Wheatstone Bridge
Simple installation
Ability to sense actual web tension
7 load ratings with sensing capabilities of 0 to 5,000 lbs
UL and CE Approved

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