VC3500 Double Ended Shear beam

Series VC3500 Shear Beam Load Cell

The VC3500 family of load cells are available in capacities ranging from 2,000kg to 200,000kg. They are especially suitable for high capacity vessel weighing and feature a combined error specification of < +/- 0.05%.

The critical sensor element of the VC3500 unit is a fully welded double ended shear beam, manufactured from high tensile 17-4 PH released stainless steel, heat treated to give a high ultimate tensile strength.

This treatment provides an extremely stable platform for the strain gauges. In common with all Thames Side Sensors load cells, the strain gauged element is temperature compensated to ensure accuracy throughout a wide temperature range.

Stainless steel diaphragms are TIG welded in position to provide total environmental sealing. This method of construction allows Thames Side Sensors to offer a five year warranty on the complete unit.

Series VC3500 load cells feature :
Resistant to off-axial loading
Fully welded construction IP 68 stainless steel load sensor
Allows vessel expansion/contraction
Optional stainless steel loading assembly integral lift off prevention
Low cost installation
Five year warranty
Auto-phoretic toughened surface (assemby only)
Low profile

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